You can work creatively - the system AL3D-METAL makes it a product.

Benefit from the advantages of 3D printing.

Using 3D printing, you manufacture components which meet high quality standards, are very precise and allow enormous freedom of design and geometry. Additive manufacturing saves resources, since it is built up layer by layer and not milled from the solid.

The closed powder circuit ensures more safety at work because the operator doesn’t come into contact with the powder during the entire printing process.

Specially developed for the precision mechanics, medical technology, dental and jewellery industries as well as research and development laboratories, our 3D printer offers optimum detail accuracy, precision and maximum safety in handling the laser and the metal powder.

Technical Data

3D printer

3D printer

Design and geometry freedom
with high material yield.
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Our 3D metal printer is equipped with a 200 W fiber laser, which ensures consistent and optimal
printing results. Its fine laser spot and the high beam quality are ideal for the production of finest and
complex geometries.

Especially in jewellery production, where high-priced metals must not be wasted, the closed
powder circuit and the small construction platform size enable best material utilization. The
sophisticated powder bed layout with integrated cleaning routine also provides a high powder yield.

The closed gas cycle with housed filter cartridges allows additive manufacturing with reactive materials
as standard and ensures minimum gas consumption. The AL3D-METAL requires very little space. With
a footprint of just 60 x 60 cm, the system fits into small spaces. 



Fast, safe and uncomplicated,
even with frequent powder changes.
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Thanks to the innovative cartridge system, which also includes the print and
material parameters, the machine setup time is reduced to a minimum. Simply select a
cartridge with the desired material – insert it into the printer - select a print file and start the
printing process. Even frequent powder changes are possible in a very short time.

The user has the possibility to take over the material parameters of the cartridge
(depending on the filled powder) or to alter the machine parameters. This freedom
offers a high degree of flexibility for research and development tasks as well
as for certified production environments. 



With intuitive operation
for process optimization.
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The system is easy and comfortable to use. The transfer of the CAD data is made to the intelligent software AL3D-OS. 3D data can be easily imported, arranged and provided with support structures.

It is possible to change the parameters layer by layer during the printing process which is very useful for R & D, because it enables efficient process development and powder evaluation.



removal very easy.
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As soon as the component has been printed, the cartridge gets inserted into the unpacking station AL3D-CABIN 50 where the component is separated from the powder. The excess powder can either be collected in a second cartridge or aspirated. The integrated suction device with connection for external powder extractors offers all common possibilities for powder recycling.

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